)(V An Introduction to the Art of Burlesque


Join Bend Burlesque for an evening of introductory Burlesque theory and movement. Explore the practice of sensuality as expressed through the Art of Burlesque.

We will travel through time and space to discover just how cool this artform is. We promise, you will be walking away with a smirk on your face, a giggle in your belly and a saunter in your step!

Bring your friends, bring your mom, bring your boss, because every person has the right to feel this good in their skin. Obtain the skills to thrill with new found friends while enjoying the finest refreshments. Bend Burlesque 101 is a Soiree of Sensual High Desert Seduction you don’t want to miss!

What will you be learning?


 We open Burlesque 101 with a quick and dirty history of burlesque, how it has evolved, what it embodies as a sensual art form and what it means to cultivate your own burlesque practice. We will cover topics of mindset and body confidence while moving through performance exercises. Once we  got our mojo workin’, we will shimmy our way through some classic burlesque dance techniques (no dance experience required!). By the end of the evening, you will leave with some moves to show off to that special someone or you can just do for yourself in front of the mirror!

What to Wear

Whenever we dance for fun, we get into our favorite clothes that make us feel sexy, fun, and comfortable. We suggest something you can move in easily such as the classic form fitting yoga pant or your favorite spandex nightclub dress. We dance in high heels, so if you are inclined bring your favorite pair, if not heels are not necessary! 

Class Fee

$50 due at the beginning of class. We accept cash, card, and Venmo.

(Our Academy classes are priced and set up differently.)                         

RSVP or inquire via email: bendburlesque@gmail.com

Burlesque 101

In our Burlesque 101 series, we explore the significance of Burlesque as a modern art form. First and foremost we practice body confidence, mindful sensuality, and stage presence. Over the course of the class we address all fo the necessary ingredients for a fabulous burlesque performance including We classic burlesque technique, character building, costume & prop development, and of course….those tassles!

Quick Studies

Looking for a fun time with the girls? Maybe you would like to treat your Bachelorette to a night exploring the womanly  arts of seduction? Maybe its another ol’ birthday that you want to prance around in lingerie feeling wildly sexy whilst drinking champagne. Well, we are here for you and we know exactly how to mix in a little dance lesson with a whole lotta fun! Please contact us for special inquiries.

Performance Studies

Want to learn how to put together a burlesque routine from start to finish? This 6 week class will walk and dance you through the entire process from start to grand finale. Learn how to peel layers off your body in a teasing fashion, how to take off those stockings like a pro, and increase your confidence! Please contact us for special inquiries.

Montana St. Claire and seasoned performers of Bend Burlesque

Bend Burlesque was founded in the summer of 2014. We started from scratch, not knowing one bump and grind to now orchestrating full time performers and a myriad of accompany guests. With this motley crew, we have debuted countless performances. Apart from hours of research and development, practice, and attending workshops; we have traveled the country to see the best in the business from New Orleans to Las Vegas, Portland and Nashville. We have studied hard and now we are ready to pass it on! 

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