The Art of Burlesque

Once upon a time Montana St. Clair and Lil’ Leazy set out on a grand adventure to find a place in life that was strange and extraordinary. A place we could be unafraid of being glamorous in a banal American landscape. A place where we, as women and humans, could express ourselves authentically free from the confines of safety and expectation.

We sought to let our birds out of their cages.

Burlesque has a long and varied history. Our brand of  it seeks to operate within traditional definitions of the art form while leaving the door open. Burlesque simultaneously contains the spirit of sensuality and comedy in pursuit to explore our own sexual appetites and critique social norms and mores. To free the stigma of sensuality is to empower both men and women to better understand ourselves and each other, while having a platform to parody our existence as we know it publicly, is to encourage our community to think critically about the things we hold true.

Simply put, in its essence, burlesque is a study of human nature and we hold it in high matter how low brow we go.

We believe that Burlesque is a practice, first for ourselves and then for our audience. It is a practice in self awareness, exploration and courage. It fosters open mindedness and a kind of jolly we cannot even explain. We highly recommend it.

Bend Burlesque & Company Grand began as a collaboration between Mehama Kaupp, Leah Rutz, Riley Mckinlay-Mench, Lucas Hodgen and Tyler Cranor. We strongly advocate for community art and homegrown entertainment. We do not believe in letting Hollywood…or Las Vegas have all the fun.

We have had invaluable support from our family, friends and community, many of whom have watched us grow since the beginning. We have had many performers join us, come and go and reappear. We are beyond grateful for all we have had the pleasure of working with thus far and look forward to meeting many more.

Making art together is both a privilege and a discipline. We are nothing but grateful for the opportunity in this life.

Meet the Troupe

Ego Mystical

With the troupe from it’s initiation, Ego has the most astounding ability to blend the sacred and profane for a truly edgy experience that doesn’t shy from explicit humor or the deep heart messages. Specializing in getting the audience to feel intrinsically involved with the event ,his art is co-creatively woven with everyone in the room for a collaborative experience like no other, be prepared to be part of the Show!

Montana St. Claire

One of Bend Burlesque’s founders and a chief in directing the artistic direction of this troupe’s performances. Montana’s passion for expanding BBC’s professional offerings as well as it’s magic is equally matched with her astounding stage presence and renowned beauty. Her heart and soul are wrapped and sweated into every moment of each show with a grace, care and vision towards expanding the public’s understanding of how potent, healing, and delightful Burlesque can be.

Lil’ Leazy

Lil’ Leazy’s Heart is in New Orleans. Her soul is in the Redwoods. Her mind wanders from the gaudy dirt of Reno, Nevada to the absurd ingeniuties of Monte Verde, Costa Rica.  She was born and raised in the armpit of Oregon where lessons are learned fast and hard such as how to do a cookie in an abandoned parking lot and when not to go to sketchy bowling alleys–which is never. Never go to sketchy bowling alleys .Unless that is, you want some drugs.

She is a verb, ever-evolving, for better or worse.


Ms. Milli Martini / Ace Ryder 

Ms. Milli Martini is a Bend-grown glamour queen who loves to bring a sassy sultry twist to classic cabaret. Burlesque has allowed Milli to expand her creative side & become empowered in her female free form sexuality.   She’s watched herself go from a quiet shy first time performer who’d never been onstage to the glorious goddess you see now who loves glitter, fake blood, & challenging the world’s idea of beautiful.

Darling Divine

Darling Divine is a tantalizing, tittie teasing burlesque performer born in the city of outrageous art, Seattle. Miss Divine is a graduate of Cherry Manhattan’s Neo-burlesque school at Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle where she learned the history of neo-burlesque and the art of tease. Before graduating she earned the role of a mischievous burlesque fairy in Sinner Saint Burlesque’s Shakespeare rendition of a Midsummer’s Night Dream. After her debut into the professional world Miss Divine moved to Bend Oregon and joined Bend Burlesque Company and in February 2019 she will have performed with them for one year. In her spare time Miss Divine sits at the bar luring men to pay for her drinks so she can go home to a nice bed alone. She’s excited to be here in Bend and grateful for all the free drinks so far, keep them coming boys.


 Born and raised North of Detroit. Cupcake found his way onto the burlesque stage by pure happenstance and thanks to this amazing family he instantly fell in love. Your resident kitten ( Meow!) & between acts eye candy. He will forever be the sweetest treat you never get the opportunity to eat.

Madame Richard Tucker

Our resident Queen and boylesque extraordinaire; Richard Tucker has been a staple of Bend Burlesque since 2017. The Madame has her own Cult following that continues to grow in Central Oregon and beyond!  She is a queer and fabulous mega star, and every performance embodies hilarity and the right amount of chaos and intrigue. This femme fatale and sultry vixen will keep you laughing and intrigued! 

Sacha Travesty

Sacha Travesty was born in a decadent dreamland where Bohemian Paris, Weimar Berlin, and 1970s New York coalesce. Embodying an array of characters ranging from Baroque boudoir punk to the gothic dandy, I am a shapeshifter with a passion for theatrics. With each performance I endeavor to create new fantasies that combine a mixture of humor and sensuality, with a sprinkling of pop culture thrown in. I invite you into my sleazy velveteen world where the boundaries of gender and sexuality are ignored and where things are likely to get weird.

Jackie Lee Vaudeville

Jackie Lee is a free spirited dancer with an array of style. Before she gets on the stage she is calm, quiet, and serene in preparation. Once she is under the spot lights an audacious and fierce being is illuminated. With a small stature and a big stage presence, Jackie takes to the stage to inspire self-love. “Believe in two things: Love and Champagne”.

Charlotta Love

This Bend-born bombshell joined the troupe in 2018 and has been tap dancing her way into the hearts of audience members ever since. Yes that’s right, tap dancing. She’s a va-va-volumptious vixen that has just the right touch of naughty and nice. She loves a good laugh and tease….and when she performs you’re bound to get a generous dose of both. And while her style straddles the line of comedy and foreplay, her name says it all-she sure is a whole-lotta-love.

Ms. Jane 

 Ms. Jane is a staple of Bend Burlesque and she is the front woman for Company Grand, Bend Burlesque’s house band and local Bend favorite! Ms. Jane has limitless talents and will seduce you with her sultry voice and enticing body! This woman embodies elegance and fun!

DJ Buddy Cooper

 DJ Buddy Cooper got his start in the hip-hop world as IBI. After several mix tapes and many local shows in Madtown with Wisconsin Connection he set his sights on the Southwest and DJd for hip hop groups Manchromatic and Chemtrail Pilot in ABQ. He has worked all over the country and has roots and reps Wisco and ABQ. DJ Buddy Cooper is hyped to be working with Bend Burlesque and dropping sensual sounds on Central Oregon for your listening pleasure. 

Lusty Rose


Ms. Kitty Got Claws


 Harper La Rouge


Moxxie Dagger

Moxxie Dagger is a dark and sultry new addition to the Bend Burlesque Company. Naughty, nerdy, and more than a little spooky, this mistress of darkness has looks that kill; and you can bet she’ll eat your heart out and swallow your soul. Moxxie is a witchy woman with a devilish grin and wigs full of blood, sweat, and secrets. When she’s not practicing sacrificial rites or dancing naked under the full moon, you can find her playing video games or watching horror movie marathons.  

Esteban Casanova


Luminaria is a Bend Burlesque original. She has a way of dancing the audience to awed silence before a final eruption of applause brought on by her tempting and disarming dancing. Luminaria came to Bend Burlesque as a belly dancing queen and now has incorporated burlesque routines. Luminaria is a capitvating member of the troupe and puts her heart and soul into her routines. 


Holly Dolly 

‘Dancing, skin, and folly… it’s Holly Dolly!’ Boss by day, seductive and sexy burlesque performer by night, Dolly is from Walla Walla, WA. and loves performing with Bend Burlesque Co. She started her burlesque in 2013, and immediately fell in love with the empowering art form. ‘Boss by day’ refers to a demanding day job for which burlesque serves as such a release.
She finds being a burlesque performer is empowering both personally and professionally. “It is no problem presenting to an entire room of suits when you perform a reveal act for hundreds of people!” Burlesque provides the platform for a woman to seize her unique sense of power – much like men do every day in the boardroom.